About Us

One of the most challenging aspects of a new endeavor like Life Church is to clearly define its core values. A church family is only as healthy as its spiritual DNA, both as a congregation and as individuals.

When someone comes to church for the first time, their radar is working overtime to pick up the DNA. They wonder, “Are these people proud, are they humble? Are they friendly or are they standoffish? What’s the DNA here? Does it match mine?”

DNA shows up when we least expect. It surfaces when we’re exhilarated, irritated, or exhausted – when we’re at our best and when we’re at our worst. It represents our core values, the “defaults” that are pre-set into our personal lives.

When you come to Life Church, you will find that you can truly be yourself. Life Church’s DNA is genuine, patient and compassionate. Love and mercy toward one another are woven into our nucleus. There is mercy for mistakes and love for the unlovely. Our love isn’t based on performance, but on who we are in Christ. We need mercy, and we will offer mercy. At our core, we understand that we are all flawed but forgiven people who are fleshing out our salvation in fits and starts.

I believe today's church is moving quickly to a more simplified form.  Simple worship, simple preaching/teaching and simplified fellowship opportunities.  Life Church is committed to this simplified approach to church life.  We are committed to drawing people together for the simple purpose of worshipping together, sharing the Word together, and fellowshipping together. We want to be “Bigger than Life,” focusing our resources, energies and our lives outward from Life Church toward our community.

I’m excited about this trend in churches in general, and at Life Church in particular. We’re not after a slick presentation, just an authentic, sincere and natural church experience. I’m not sure exactly what it will look like, but I’m intrigued… and I’m ready.

Are you?

Pastor Mitch Price


Our Leadership

Senior Pastor Mitch Price and Administrative Pastor Lara Price



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Our Founders

Founding Pastors Ron and Marilyn Grubb







Life Church is under the covering of SOMA, a family of ministries offering order and encouragement to its members.