Adult Teaching

In today’s contemporary culture, Life Church offers a refreshing break from religion in an honest pursuit of a dynamic relationship with the person Jesus Christ. By critically analyzing where we are now, Pastor Ron Grubb forces us to look through the lens of the always-relevant Word of God and consistently sends Life Church listeners back to the real world equipped to improve the reputation of the Church, the Bible and Jesus Christ. Ron's teaching has been described as humorous, insightful, completely Biblical, socially analytical and personally challenging. While refusing to take himself too seriously, he’s determined to properly represent Jesus’ teachings to the Life Church congregation each week.


Lancaster School of Ministry

The Lancaster School of Ministry is a two-year accredited degree program that meets one evening a week. Every believer is called to personal ministry, and our desire is that every Christian would learn how to study their Bible and minister with power into the lives of others. Click here to learn more about the Biblical curriculum, time commitment and affordable tuition at Lancaster School of Ministry.


Life Group Finder

Life Groups meet throughout the week at different locations in our community. We're not designed to do Life alone!

  • Pick up a complete listing of Life Groups available at the Welcome Center and find just the right group for you.
  • Contact the Life Group Leader or call the church at (855) 235-4525 to register for the group.