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Welcome to Life Church! Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We’ll share worship and fellowship, teaching and ministry time. Life Kids leaders will engage your children in learning about Christ’s love, and High Life Student Ministries makes God's word relevant and realistic for middle and high school students. For a midweek refresher, bring the kids to the Zone or join a Life Group. We welcome you to our family!

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Simple Faith Devo: Neon’s Glow

salute“Hey, Roberts,” Herb asked, biting down on his cigar, “I hear they almost shipped you guys to some tiny jungle in Asia…something about fighting the commies? What is that all about?” “Turned out to be nuthin’ really. Apparently we have battleships off the coast of Viet Nam; I guess Uncle Sam is ticked because Communist […] Read more

Simple Faith Devo: Thunder on Main Street

bonanzaSugar Grove was tucked in for the night. Sunday evenings here grew quiet much sooner than the other nights of the weekend; it was, after all, a school night. Friday’s football game and Saturday’s chores stood in sharp contrast to the quietude of a Sabbath day in Sugar Grove. The activities of the weekend had […] Read more

Simple Faith Devo: Sugar Grove

Sugar GroveThis week is the first installment of a new fictional series. You’ll meet folks like Barry, Herb, and a full cast of fictional characters who will live out their lives in and around Fairfield County each week. Come along for the ride… I hope you enjoy the view. Be Blessed, Ron Grubb “Sorry, dude. There’s […] Read more

Lancaster School of Ministry

Do you want to study the Bible and learn how to apply Scripture? Our weekly classes are intense, but students leave energized and empowered. The Lancaster School of Ministry is accessible, affordable and achievable – and you get an accredited degree!
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Weekly Devos

Real life dramas written by our own staff will often amuse you and always inspire you to see God's sense of humor and His hand in the details of our daily lives. Sign up in the "Stay Connected" box to receive a new Devo in your Inbox each week.
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