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Welcome to Life Church! Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We’ll share worship and fellowship, teaching and ministry time. Life Kids leaders will engage your children in learning about Christ’s love, and High Life Student Ministries makes God's word relevant and realistic for middle and high school students. For a midweek refresher, bring the kids to the Zone or join a Life Group. We welcome you to our family!

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Simple Faith Devo: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

green lightMy fingers rapped the steering wheel to the rhythm of a nameless tune. Preoccupied with a list of stops I’d yet to make, I was totally unaware that my nervous energy had percolated to the surface as I waited for the light to change. There it is—green!—but the dude in front of me just sat […] Read more

Simple Faith Devo: Body and Soul Repair

177043382She checked her hair in the front door’s reflection before entering the body shop. Her gaunt frame, pale complexion and obvious wig were clear signs of a seasoned cancer patient. She smiled and quietly asked, “Can I get an estimate?” The receptionist recorded her information and turned to me to take care of her. We […] Read more

Simple Faith Devo: Sugar Grove

Sugar GroveTony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco… mine is holed up in Sugar Grove. I’ve never actually lived there, but from my first day at Berne Union in Mrs. Hoover’s first grade class through the last homeroom class with Mrs. Nimon (who was also my third grade teacher), I have loved Sugar Grove.   […] Read more

Lancaster School of Ministry

Do you want to study the Bible and learn how to apply Scripture? Our weekly classes are intense, but students leave energized and empowered. The Lancaster School of Ministry is accessible, affordable and achievable – and you get an accredited degree!
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Weekly Devos

Real life dramas written by our own staff will often amuse you and always inspire you to see God's sense of humor and His hand in the details of our daily lives. Sign up in the "Stay Connected" box to receive a new Devo in your Inbox each week.
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